Go digital and sell more

Go digital and sell more with less.
Hundreds of cleaning and linen companies globally have become digital thanks to our operations center; a hub that gathers all your clients, jobs, cleaners, planning and dispatching needs in a master platform.

Access to Doinn’s clients when you feel ready and in the cities you want

Effortlessly receive job assignments through your dashboard without the need to invest time and energy in marketing and sales.
Let us handle those tasks so that you can focus on delivering outstanding services to your clients.

“We have teams of cleaners in 7 cities thanks to Doinn, with zero acquisition cost and no effort, and the team loves the app! ” — Julie Mokkom, Founder, CleanXperts.

Focus on what matters most with our code-free automations

Leave the platform creating the tasks automatically for you, reading your clients reservation calendars from the PMS or iCals integrations.

“We’ve seen big efficiency gains with Doinn by having all the PMS and clients in the same place, completing tasks, reporting detailed issues, and pushing work orders back into their system. This improved workflow, saves us time and money.” — Rob Fraiser, Managing director, Brightbnb

Commit to sustainable goals to help the industry and, the world

Join our mission to reduce the carbon footprint of linen delivery and by utilizing biodegradable products.
We are committed to ending the unfair rates and black market practices that are prevalent in the cleaning industry.
Implement a zero-paper policy and financial literacy
and embrace financial transparency to improve tax and payments collection while minimizing environmental impact.

“Sustainability starts with us but requires time that I can´t afford right now. Outsourcing the services with Doinn gives me peace of mind about quality and sustainability” — Aleksandra Bielik, Founder, Vitalis Villas

Get more data oriented with our visual operational indicators and data intelligence tools

Know your numbers, including margin per customer, margin per staff, total cleaning hours or linen pieces for the next 60 days, and other key metrics. That’s why we offer forecasting tools to help you make informed decisions and stay on top of your business.

“Leveraging forecasting tools, takes or planning to the next level, predicting future trends and potential challenges before they arise. ” — Simon Lee, COO, Angel Central

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Frequently Asked Questions

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