Organise the services you need

Smartly schedule property tasks using AI, communication & auto-scheduling tools.

The most complete property operation platform

The hub that gathers all your clients, providers, tasks, cleaners, planning and dispatching needs in a single platform.

Cooperate with everyone empowering housekeeping, maintenance and linen teams anytime, anywhere by anyone.

“We love Doinn flexibility, their tech allows me to manage the cleaning services in several cities, some are done by our team of cleaners and some are outsourced to their cleaning partners. As an international property manager, there is no other solution better than Doinn.” — Isidro García, COO, The Oasis plan

Monitor and predictive data

Intelligent indicators to excel your business. Identify time and costs, average cleaning time per property, linen needs or cleaning hours forecast.

Transit from manpower driven operations to technology driven co-operations and leverage technology for streamlined operations and higher profits.

“It’s just a lot easier to deal with the linen rental and the toiletries stocks with Doinn, I now spend 15 fewer hours each week reviewing and calculating our stock needs and have more time to focus on strategic initiatives.” — Rob Fraiser, Managing director, Brightbnb

Quality Assurance

SOP/Checklists, Inspections, Job Summary, Problem Reports, Maintenance and Cleaning Alerts.

Discover how efficient your team can be by digitalising your processes.

“Doinn has a variety of tools to mitigate bias and incentivize employees based on meritocracy.” — Aleksandra Bielik, Founder, Vitalis Villas

Simple & Affordable

Seamless setup based on the Doinn 5 elements formula ®: what, where, how, when, who. Doinn 5 elements formula for a 5 stars hospitality experience.

Usage-based pricing, pay only when you use it.

“I have a great view and control of the operational part of the properties we manage, from my phone and even when I´m out of the office. ” — Steve Miller, Founder, Richmond homes

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