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Outsource professional cleaning, laundry and linen rental services.
Best for short-term rental operators and co-livings.
Free up your time to grow your business.

Take any opportunity to manage properties

Gain seamless access to the finest professional cleaning, linen, and laundry service providers in your area, with coverage spanning hundreds of cities across 44 countries.

“My job is to scale our business across the region and I could not achieve my mission without awesome Gorana from Doinn by my side. They grow because we grow and we grow because they understand well the meaning of being partners.” — Jaime Liu, Chief Growth Officer, Happy place

Enable all the team members to get real-time insights and messages

Our turn-key solution is fully integrated and optimized to support both field and office workers with a wide range of features, including instant messaging, real-time job status updates, checklists, cleaning reports, and much more.

“I´m in the industry for almost 6 years, more than 5 working with Doinn. I can´t believe we were able to work with the WhatsApp groups at the beginning. Doinn´s chat and real-time status tools were a wonderful game-changer.” — Beatriz Lase, Operations Manager, Bemate

Embrace sustainability

Adopt sustainable practices by facilitating access to environmentally responsible service providers who are committed to ethical and non-discriminatory practices. Embrace a paperless approach and promote financial literacy through Doinn’s operations center. Empower cleaners to communicate in their preferred language using our advanced AI translation tools.

“Sustainability starts with us but requires time that I can´t afford right now. Outsourcing the services with Doinn gives me peace of mind about quality and sustainability.” — Aleksandra Bielik, Founder, Vitalis Villas

Take the right decisions

Make informed decisions by gaining a comprehensive overview of your operations through customized dashboards, performance charts, and reports, allowing for a more strategic and informed approach.

“We are a data-centric company, Doinn´s reports are one of the most important tools for my business.” — Maks Radovski, Founder, Sweet Spot

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I request a cleaning post-construction / post-renovation job?

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  • Are my cleaning services always performed by the same team?

  • If a different team comes to clean my house, will I have to explain everything again?

  • How long will the cleaning take?

  • How do you pick up the keys for a housekeeping service?

  • I will use Doinn cleaning and check-in services – is one set of keys enough?

  • What happens with the key after it is used?

  • What if the cleaners mess up?

  • How do you ensure quality?

  • How soon in advance do I need to schedule?

  • What is your cancellation policy?

  • I’m ready to start, how do I schedule my first cleaning?

  • Can I give you a custom checklist to follow?

  • Do you always arrive at the scheduled time?

  • What does our laundry service for short-term rental homes include?

  • For what time can I schedule a housekeeping service?

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